Basic Sewing Machine Settings

While reading sewing machine reviews I noticed many first-time buyers or new sewists get frustrated when a machine doesn’t do exactly what they want it to do out of the box. That is probably because as simple as a sewing machine looks, there are important and sensitive settings that need to be right for a machine to sew properly on different fabrics and materials. Understanding these basic settings is important before you’ve built that nest of thread under your fabric! We will start with basic settings and will visit some of these in more detailed posts and link them here Read More

The Most Important Qualities of a Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The last time I bought a sewing machine I’d hoped it would be all I would need. I was sewing clothes and toys for my daughters and didn’t think I would ever need a heavy duty sewing machine. Fast forward a few years and my daughters wanted stuffed animals, sleeping bags, pocketbooks and other fun items that caused a lot of broken needles and more than a few cross words shouted at my machine. Long time readers here probably know my story about getting my first Singer that was as old as I was at the time. It was already Read More

Product Review: Singer 7469Q Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Singer 7469Q is one of the most feature-rich, affordable quilting sewing machines on the market today. The heavy duty frame and advanced feed system provide skip-free, even stitching for professional results. This machine has all of the features you need to piece, sew and quilt everything from a baby bib to a king size quilt. This quilting / sewing machine is easy enough for a beginner to use and sophisticated enough for an experienced quilter. This is a lot of sewing machine for the price. Rating: In This Review: (Click Ahead!) • Quick Stats for Singer 7469Q • Notable Read More

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