Top 10 Tips for Sewing with Leather

Have you ever wanted to sew on leather, but are just too afraid of the expense and trouble to give it a try? I have to admit, I shied away from it for years because leather is expensive and I just knew I would ruin it, never finish my project and wind up wasting money. Then came my handbag phase and I had to give leather a try. I confess I learned a lot the hard way, but I kept my leather work small at first, so my lessons weren’t at great expense. I still only use leather for trims Read More

Sewing Apps Teach Skills, Help Organize and Save Time

The right sewing app for your iPad or smartphone can make life so much easier for the home sewist. Imagine sitting comfortably at your sewing machine with all the fabric, findings and tools you need to complete a project. Now, imagine it is your first time trying a certain technique or making a particular item and you’re easily following the step-by-step tutorial you found on an iPad sewing app. It’s hard to believe so much is available now, especially if you grew up sewing without access to all of the wonderful resources that are now right at our fingertips. Beginners Read More

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