Free Motion Quilting & Embroidery

I remember the first time I tried free motion quilting, sometimes called stippling. I have never been a true quilter. I don’t have the patience to carefully cut out all those little squares. Plus, I like to finish my projects a lot quicker. (Maybe that’s why I chose the alterations/embroidery business.) I still wanted to learn how to do the free motion stitching. I had the bright idea of having my children write their names (they were in grade school) and I would use my newly learned free motion skills to “embroider” by free motion, along the little letters my Read More

S – T – R – E – T – C – H — How to Sew with Knits

Versatility – Comfort – Stretchability – Scary – – All of these words describe today’s knits. There is a large variety of these fabrics on the market today. Knits are used in everything from lingere and swimwear to slacks, tops and dresses and everything in between. We all love to wear knits. But sewing with knits – that’s where the word “scary” comes in. If you’re like me sewing with knits has always been a real challenge. I’ve always been one who just sewed and embroidered on the “easier’ fabrics, putting off until another day those hard-to-do things. (I venture Read More

810 Stitches? Why? SEW Much Fun!

Most of today’s sewing machines come with a variety of stitches — from 1 straight stitch to 800 or more! It’s kind of like “chocolate and vanilla” – everyone likes something different. I want to entice you to spread your wings and consider enjoying your hobby a lot more, if you have not already done so. You may not realize what time savers some of the stitches can be or just how easy and enjoyable they are when working on a project. UTILITY STITCHES There are many “utility” stitches built into most machines. These are the stitches that you will Read More

Q: Who Needs A Serger? A: Everyone Who Sews!

I cannot imagine sewing without my serger! If you don’t own one you are missing out on one of the most wonderful machines available to sewers today. A serger, such as the Bother 1034D, does not replace your sewing machine, but it is a fantastic addition and one you will use with almost everything you sew. It will make every project look clean, neat and professional. In addition, many of the so-called, routine garment making procedures, can be eliminated. A serger can trim and finish the edge of your seams all at once. No longer will you have to fold Read More

How to Turn Your Love of Sewing Into $$$$$ by Linda Weaver

What could possibly be more fun than to turn your favorite hobby into a profitable business? Many of us can’t imagine making money doing what we love the most. I am living proof that it can happen! Follow me as I take you through a variety of exciting steps to point you in that direction. HOW IT ALL STARTED Many days after school I came home to a really pretty dress or a petticoat my Mother had sewn for me. She would lay it out across my bed for me to see when I walked into my bedroom. I also Read More

Best Sewing Machine Features by Linda Weaver

I’ve been sewing for all but 7 years of my life! (A long, long time.) Sewing is just part of who I am. If you are reading this Blog, you probably have the sewing bug, too. My first machine was given to me by a Mr. Clause, on a Christmas morning, when I was eight years old. It is (I still have it) a hand-cranked toy Singer sewing machine, about the size of a small toaster oven. I started my sewing career making doll clothes. My seams were all on the outside of the garments, but I thought they were Read More

Brother PE 500 Embroidery Machine Review

If you haven’t entered the world of embroidery, now is the time. The Brother PE 500 Embroidery Machine is Brother’s most affordable embroidery-only machine ever, and a great place to begin. You can purchase this Brother PE 500 embroidery machine online. It is a cheap embroidery machine only in price, definitely not in features. Other embroidery machine prices can vary, all the way up to $12,000.00 and beyond. So before jumping in with both feet, this Brother embroidery machine would definitely be a place to get your feet wet. It will be a great addition to your standard sewing machine. Read More

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