S – T – R – E – T – C – H — How to Sew with Knits

Versatility – Comfort – Stretchability – Scary – – All of these words describe today’s knits. There is a large variety of these fabrics on the market today. Knits are used in everything from lingere and swimwear to slacks, tops and dresses and everything in between. We all love to wear knits. But sewing with knits – that’s where the word “scary” comes in. If you’re like me sewing with knits has always been a real challenge. I’ve always been one who just sewed and embroidered on the “easier’ fabrics, putting off until another day those hard-to-do things. (I venture Read More

How To Pick the Best Sewing Machine for a Child by Betsy Muse

Teaching a child to sew can be extremely rewarding, especially when you see how proud they are after finishing their first project. Children as young as six are capable of using a sewing machine with close guidance and supervision. At some point, when their budding hobby takes off, they will be asking for a sewing machine of their own. When that time comes, will you know how to pick the best sewing machine for your child? If you are in the market for a sewing machine to satisfy the budding seamstress or haute couture fashion designer in your family, there Read More

How to Turn Your Love of Sewing Into $$$$$ by Linda Weaver

What could possibly be more fun than to turn your favorite hobby into a profitable business? Many of us can’t imagine making money doing what we love the most. I am living proof that it can happen! Follow me as I take you through a variety of exciting steps to point you in that direction. HOW IT ALL STARTED Many days after school I came home to a really pretty dress or a petticoat my Mother had sewn for me. She would lay it out across my bed for me to see when I walked into my bedroom. I also Read More

How to Choose the Right Sewing Machine for Machine Quilting by Betsy Muse

Shopping for a sewing machine for machine quilting opens up a whole new world of sophisticated functions and features. The process, however, is the same as when buying your first sewing machine. You are simply placing more importance on different features. You will be impressed with the wide variety of features and price tags. As in buying a basic machine, there is enough variety to meet almost any quilter’s needs. With all the sophisticated machines from which to choose, how do you make sure you are picking the perfect sewing machine for quilting and getting a good value? The key Read More

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