Janome Magnolia 7330 Sewing Machine Review

The Floral Series is the all-new and totally affordable Magnolia line by Janome, and the Magnolia 7330 is the most advanced machine in the Line. It has the precision and technology that Janome is known for as well as lots of automation and jam proof features so that you spend less time fumbling and more time sewing.

The Janome 7330 is perfect for many kinds of sewing projects from garments, crafts and home décor to free motion quilting and old-fashioned darning. The stitch panel displays 30 utility and decorative stitches with stitch numbers and corresponding presser feet – all available with the touch of a button.

And let’s not forget the cool yellow and purple floral design – just another feature that makes this model an irresistible favorite…


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Quick Stats for Janome Magnolia 7330:

Price Free Shipping at Amazon.com
Stitching Functions: 30 Stitch patterns including: Straight, zigzag, overlock, buttonholes, darning, satin and heirloom
Button Hole Type(s): 6 one step buttonholes that sew a buttonhole exactly for your size button,
Bobbin Winding System: Vertical Bobbin Winding
Bobbin Type: Top drop-in, jam proof bobbin system – very easy, no fuss feature
Clear Bobbin Cover: Yes – You can easily determine when the thread is running low
Manual Tension System: Yes -Manual tension system allows you to set your own tension for greater precision
Thread Cutter: Yes – Manual thread cutter located on the head
Automatic Needle Threader Yes -Automatically thread the needle
Presser Foot Lift: Extra high presser foot lift for sewing extra bulky fabrics or several layers of fabric
Built-in Accessory Storage: Yes – Slide off extension table stores your standard accessory parts
Carry Handle: Yes – Retractable carrying handle
Drop Feed: Yes – Drop the feed dog for  sewing on buttons and free motion work
Quilting: Yes
Embroidery: Yes – Minor decorative stitches and free motion
Free-Arm: Yes – Slide off the extension table to convert from flatbed to free arm; easily sew on hems or cuffs as well as larger items.
LCD Display: Yes – Bright LCD displays selected stitch
Light: Yes – Bright halogen Light illuminates the sewing  area
Superior Feeding System: Yes – 7-Point box feeding system for more precise control of fabric feeding
Snap-on Presser Feet: Yes– Quick-change presser feet attachment
Stitch Length: The stitch length can be altered between 0.0 and 5.0
Stitch Width: The stitch width can be altered between 0.0 and 7.0
Thread Cutter Yes – Draw the threads up to the cutter to cut them
Reverse button Yes – Conveniently located reverse button – sew several stitches in reverse to secure seams
Manual Instruction manual in English, Spanish and French
Limited Warranty: 25 Years for defects, 5 years for electronic parts, 1 year for labor for non-commercial use of machines
Cover: No
Dimensions: 15.3″ x 11″ x 7.8″
Weight: 18.2 lbs

The Floral Series by Janome

The Janome name is synonomous with quality and precision; and precision means exact, precise stitching that gives your projects that professional look. The Magnolia Floral Series from Janome offers a full line of affordable, multi-featured sewing machines that includes a serger. Here you’ll find that same precision and technology Janome is known for, as well as ease of use that a beginner especially appreciates. If you’re looking for a feature-rich sewing machine that does everyday tasks from garment construction, quilting, crafts, to home decor and more  then the Magnolia line is a good place to start at the right price.

A mechanical machine that is one step down from the Janome 7330, the Magnolia 7318 is an easy to use machine with 18 decorative and utility stitches, and easy electronic features. But don’t think that you are sacrificing quality for ease of use. You’ll still find the same power and precision you can expect from Janome. With this strong and sturdy machine you will complete your projects quickly and easily at a price that will certainly fit your budget.
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The Magnolia 7312 sewing machine from Janome is a great machine for the beginning or returning sewist. It has the same ease of operation and stitch quality that Janome is known for. The 7312 also has 12 decorative and stretch stitches and is perfect for quilting, home dec, crafting, and garment construction, all in an affordable machine. (Note: This is a retired machine and is here simply for reference.) Click to Read More

The Magnolia 7306 Machine from Janome is the perfect starter machine. It delivers Janome quality with easy to operate features and a great price. With 6 of the most popular stitches and a 4-step buttonhole, the 7306 is the perfect machine to get you started in quilting, home dec, garment construction, or any other craft. (Note: This is a retired machine and is here simply for reference.) Click to Read More

A serger is the perfect companion machine for the developing sewist, and a must for creating professional-looking garments. The Magnolia 7034D gives you a wide range of serging features in a compact machine. With easy dial adjustments and 1,300 stitches per minute, you’ll get your projects done quickly and easily. Bring Janome sewing quality into your home with a serger that’s perfectly priced and perfectly sized to fit your lifestyle. Read more….

Notable Highlights For Janome 7330:

At the head of the class is the Janome 7330, a sturdy workhorse of a machine  that’s made to grow with you through the years. It’s also so easy to use that you will be sewing quickly right out of the box; there’s no weird finicky tricks to learn here, it’s just one solid machine.

Sewing Stitches and Stitch Selection Panel

The  Janome 7330 is a computerized sewing machine that comes with a good number of stitches – 30 in all. The panel displays at a glance the 30 stitches along with their assigned stitch numbers as well as the presser foot  (A, E,  F or R) to use for each particular stitch . The 7330 includes basic straight stitches,  five different overcast stitches for finishing edges on your projects, six different one-step button holes, a darning stitch, and several decorative stitches.

There is a bright LED Screen so you can easily view your selected stitch by number.  Select the stitches that you want with the plus-minus buttons. The LED screen also displays stitch length and width. You can adjust the stitch width or length by simply pressing the plus or minus button. The stitch width can be altered between 0.0 and 7.0.  The stitch length can be altered between 0.0 and 5.0.

It’s that simple – very intuitive – very easy to use.

7-Point Superior Feed System

Seven Point Feed System means that the feed dogs have 7 points of contact with the fabric above offering better control of different fabric types and weights. The fabric flows smoothly and evenly  as you sew, helping to prevent snags and jams. This is precise feeding and is also helpful when alignment of the patterns in the fabric is also key.

Jam Proof Bobbin System

Jamming is a constant source of frustration for many sewers. The 7330 offers a jam proof bobbin system – you can sew right off the edge of the fabric and the bobbin will not jam. In addition the bobbin is top loading with a see through cover to let you quickly determine if you are running out of thread! The seam guides on the needle plate help you to measure seam allowances.

Drop Feed Capability

The drop-feed switch, located at the back bottom of the freearm, can be shifted to the right or left to lower or raise the feed dogs. Lower them for free motion quilting to darning and sewing on buttons.

Stop/Start & Speed Control – sew without the foot pedal

The stop/start button and speed control are two tremendously handy features for any level of sewist, and the beginner will find it particularly useful. Start the machine with a simple touch of a button, you don’t need to fumble with the foot pedal. This is helpful for areas where there is a long stretch of continuous sewing; all you need to do is guide the fabric. Touch the button again to stop when you’re done. The speed control allows you to set a limit on how fast you sew. It’s great if you’re a beginner and not yet confident in your sewing ability or if you’re learning a new technique and just want to take it slow. These are two features that you won’t want to be without.

Automatic Needle Threader

The automatic needle threader is yet another very convenient feature if you have a hard time seeing the little eye of the needle or if you have shaky fingers like me. Just a few quick steps and the needle is threaded for you automatically.

Additional Features

*Needle Up/Down Memory – press the needle up/down button and every time you stop, the needle remembers its start position (up or down.) If you are stitching a design, you can simply stop, have the needle drop down and you can pivot on the stitch.

*Reverse – sew in reverse to reinforce stitching.

*Extra high presser foot lift – provides extra clearance under the presser foot and is great for working with thick and bulky fabrics and projects.

*Auto-lock stitch – for sewing locking (reinforcing) stitching when stitch pattern 01, 02, 08 or 09 has been selected,

*Lock-A-Matic Stitch  – When pattern #03 (lock-a-matic stitch) is selected the machine will sew reverse stitches at the beginning of a seam automatically, and at the end of the seam by pressing the reverse button once.

*The black button on the zigzag foot –  locks the foot in the horizontal position. This is helpful when starting to sew from the extreme edge of thick fabrics or sewing across a hem.  The foot will be locked in the horizontal position to avoid slipping. The foot will be unlocked after sewing a few stitches.

*The machine sews though heavy fabrics as well as multiple layers of fabric with ease.

Reviewer Feedback


…I won’t list all the specs as they are listed in the product information as well as repeated in many reviews, but I will say that it is a great, quiet workhorse capable of most any project. If you’re looking on Amazon you are probably looking for a great deal and you have found it with this. By Tara Wood (Denver, CO USA)

This is such a good quality machine at this price!! I use thick materials and never got a problem! Works like a charm! …by Yvonne

This machine is defintiely quieter, is easier to use with it’s one button push to get the stitch you want, and the stitching so far is consistant and smooth in my simple mending projects…By Rosie Matula “Everyday Consumer” (New Jersey)

I absolutely love my new machine!! I’ve had it three weeks now and am on a whirl with it. I’ve been quilting for several hours almost every day and I am very impressed with the quality of the machine for the price. ..I did a lot of research on sewing machine brands and Janome quickly became my first choice. . …By Jamie Gilman

Anyways I read a few blogs and reviews about this machine and they were all really good. All 5 stars. So here I am with a new sewing machine that costs double but it is so worth it! I can now finish a project without having to stop every 15 minutes untangling and cutting threads! It also goes through layers of thick fabrics! 😀

It came with only a few feet but I had around 20 feet from my Brother that feet in perfect with the Janome! Bonus! …By Jam

I love this machine! It sews beautifully! the fact that is has a lot of feet and attachments is awesome! I only had 1 problem… you have to make the bobbin perfect otherwise the machine will “spit” the bobbin out… it was frustrating but I have no other problems with the machine!…A Kid’s Review


Few accessory feet come with the 7330. Only a satin stitch foot, regular presser foot, a zipper foot and a buttonhole foot. If you need a stitch-in-the-ditch guide foot, a hemmer, ruffler, walking foot or other fancy foot (piping or cording foot, pintuck) you have to pony up extra.

The button sewing feature was a bit difficult to use …

There are no fancy heirloom stitches beyond the useful blanket stitch and herringbone and a pretty leaf, star and scallop or two. No ladder stitch or eyelet or Parisian stitch. ..


Bottom Line

The Janome 7330 is the top of the line of the Magnolia Floral Series. A workhorse of a machine that  delivers sturdy performance, it has the automation and features that an average sewist or quilter wants and a beginner will appreciate.  It’s a well-made machine with plenty of good reviews and the  quality and precision of the  Janome reputation.  As a machine to grow with, it will allow you to rapidly advance to more complex sewing projects.



Take a close -up look at some of the features of Janome’s 7330 model:

Manual and Warranty:



Janome America, Inc. warrants this Product for a period of twenty-five (25) years from the date of original purchase against defective materials and/or workmanship, five (5) years for electronic component parts, one (1) year for labor within normal household use of the Product. Machines used commercially are warranted for a period of one (1) year.

Janome 7330 Extras

Standard Accessories
The standard accessories are stored in the extension table.

1. Screwdriver
2. Bobbins
3. Set of Needles
4. Seam Ripper
5. Additional spool pin
6. Spool Holder (Large)
(Set on the machine)
7. Spool Holder (Small)
8. Spool stand
9. Felt

4 Included Snap-On Presser Feet

* Zipper Foot E
* Satin Stitch Foot F
* Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
*General Purpose foot

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