Product Review of Janome DC4030PR Sewing Machine

The Janome DC4030PR is a quality 30-stitch computerized sewing machine from one of the most respected names in sewing. It offers every feature the home sewist will need to sew garments, quilt, make wonderful crafts and home goods. This machine is not only loaded with features, many typically found on more expensive machines, it offers them in a beautiful pink-trimmed housing that will provide a daily reminder of the owner’s support of breast cancer awareness and the search for a cure.

One of the first things you will notice after you turn the machine on is that it is quiet. Next you will notice this machine is packed with features and comes with accessories not typically found in this price range.  If you are in the market to upgrade from a basic machine, but don’t want to pay thousands, this may very well be the sewing machine you are looking for.


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Quick Stats for Janome DC4030PR:(Back To Top)

Price Check Price Here ====>
Stitching Functions: 30 built-in stitches
Button Hole Type(s): six one-step buttonhole stitches
My Custom Stitch No
Bobbin Winding System Top loading full rotary hook bobbin system
Bobbin Type: Drop-in
Clear Bobbin Cover: Yes
Adjustable Pressure: Yes
Adjustable Tension: Automatic
Built-in Accessory Storage: Yes
Carry Handle: Yes
Drop Feed: Yes
6 Point Feed Dog 7 Point Feed Dog
Quilting Yes
Embroidery: No
Free-Arm: Yes
LCD Display: Yes
Light: Yes
Automatic Needle Threader: Yes
Snap-on Presser Feet: Yes
Knee Lifter No
Stitch Width: 7mm
Stitch Length: 5mm
Thread Delivery: top thread horizontal spool pin
Instruction Manual Yes
Limited Warranty: 25 yr limited warranty for household use, 1 yr warranty for commercial use
Hard Cover: No
Machine Dimensions: 19” x 11” x 15”
Machine Weight: 25 lbs

Notable Features:(Back To Top)

Stitching Features

30 Utility and Decorative Stitches
For most people who take up sewing and for many experienced in the craft, 30 stitch designs or types are all we will ever need. With the Janome DC4030PR it isn’t just the number of stitches, but all the extra things the machine allows you to do with them. I will explain more below. Linda has a great write up on sewing machine stitches in this blog post.


One-Step Sensor Buttonholes
I cringe when I think about all those buttonholes I stitched by hand or had to guestimate with my old mechanical Singer. I loved that old machine, but some things were just impossible and buttonholes were one of those things! I love having multiple styles of buttonholes to select from so I can match it to the style of my garment. With this machine all you do is drop your button into the gauge and the machine will detect its size and produce a perfect buttonhole every time.

 Stitch Elongation
This is one of the features that takes the stitches offered on the Janome DC4030PR and turns them into so much more. With stitch elongation you can stretch or elongate a stitch up to five times its regular length without  losing density.

Sew One Iteration
Sew one iteration allows you to sew just one full iteration of a decorative stitch. Once the machine has completed the last step of the stitch it stops allowing you to sew one or more iterations of a second stitch. You may continue on in this way until you have created the decorative stitch pattern that is just right to trim the project you are working on.  The stitch combinations may not be endless, but they are more than most of us will ever need. I love the idea of designing my own look without a lot of work.

Easy Stitch Selection Buttons
No more guess work or fumbling with a dial! The Janome DC4030PR offers easy to see and read stitch selection buttons for the stitches included with the machine.

Auto Lock Stitch Button
Locking in your stitches has never been easier. With the touch of a button this Janome sewing machine locks in your stitch and secures your seam or or decorative stitch work. Those who don’t spend a lot of time sewing may not appreciate just what a time-saver this feature is, but you won’t be sorry you have it!

Additional features

7-Point Feed Dog System
Even, stable stitches make your home sewn garment look professional and this Janome machine has the features to help you accomplish this. First and foremost, the feed dog system has seven points of contact with the fabric which allows it to guide your project smoothly and evenly under the needle. The more points of contact, the more even your stitches.

Start/Stop Button & Foot Pedal Control
The Janome DC4030PR comes with two ways to operate your machine. For those who like the finesse of the traditional foot pedal, you will be impressed with the 820 stitch per minute speed. For those who prefer stop/start buttons, Janome slows the maximum speed to 700 stitches per minute which will help prevent over sewing. The on/off button is particularly helpful for those projects with very long seams or repetitive stitch patterns.

Foot Pressure Adjustment Dial
There are three settings for the foot pressure adjustment which will allow you to adjust pressure depending on the fabric or material being used. Rose goes into exquisite detail about adjusting presser foot pressure in this post.

Drop Feed
This machine is a quilter’s dream with the combination of specialty presser feet that come with the machine and feed dogs that drop allowing free form or unguided stitching.

Reviewer Feedback:(Back To Top)


Great Sturdy, Quiet Computerized Machine
Excellent machine. I bought this looking for a starter machine to get back into sewing after a 10 year respite. It’s sturdy quiet and has adjustable foot pressure – great machine – the new version is the Janome DC 4030. I think you’ll be very happy if you purchase. It meets all my needs except embroidery. . .

TB30 or New DC4030?
I’ve sewn a good 12 different kinds of fabrics on it to date. Thanks to the adjustable pressure feet, whatever I’ve tossed at it, it’s delivered top quality stitching right back at me. No errors, no goofs, no bound-up bobbins or stitches. Just great sewing. I call it, “Janome style” when it comes to the machine’s stitch quality.


List price is deceitful
The downloadable brochure from the Janome site gives the price for this machine as $599. This seller may not be overcharging, but they sure aren’t giving a generous $300 discount, either.

Bottom Line

This highly rated machine has features that any home or commercial seamstress or tailor can appreciate. It is a solid, high quality machine from company known for producing reliable sewing machines that offer professional results. The convenience features on this machine like the lock stitch button, large stitch selection buttons, automatic needle threading, start/stop button and the foot pedal control will have the beginner sewing like a pro in no time. More experienced sewists will wish they’d owned this machine from the beginning.


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Manuals and Warranty:(Back To Top)


You can download the manual here.


Warranty can be found here.

Janome DC4030PR Extras:(Back To Top)

Included Accessories

Foot control & power cord
Arm extension w/ accessory storage box
Quilting bar
Seam ripper/buttonhole opener
Lint brush
Large spool holder
Small spool holder
Instruction manual (English/Spanish/French)
Soft cover

Included Snap-on Presser Feet

Overcast foot: M
Satin stitch foot: F
Zipper foot: E
Automatic buttonhole foot: R
Overedge foot: C
Blind hem foot: G
General purpose foot

Products:(Back To Top)

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