Brother LS-2125i 10-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine

A Beginner Sewing Machine

If you are a beginner looking for a reliable, easy to use sewing machine for basic sewing and mending projects, or a machine that your child can learn on then the Brother LS 2125i is the machine for you. Lightweight and compact it has just enough features to get the job done: 10 built-in stitches with straight, satin and zig zag stitching, automatic 4-step buttonhole maker,  snap-on presser feet, convertible free-arm all great for repairs and mending, hemming jeans/pants, crafts for your home – This is a great choice if you’re looking to start sewing.

Rating: 4 Star

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Quick Stats for Brother LS 2125i: (Back To Top)

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Button Hole Type(s): Automatic 4-step 1 style buttonhole process
Bobbin Winding System: Horizontal
Bobbin: Vertical (Front Load)
Clear Bobbin Cover: N
Adjustable Pressure: Preset Presser Foot Pressure
Automatic Presser Foot Lifter Y – Manual
Upper Thread Tension System: Y – Dial thread tension control gives you more sewing flexibility for perfect stitches on any fabric.
Built-in Accessory Storage: Y – Stores all your sewing kit tools handy in one convenient spot
Carry Handle: Y – Lightweight with built-in handle for portability
Drop Feed: N – Superior feed dog system with needle-plate cover
Embroidery: N
Free-Arm: Y – Easily convertible from traditional flat bed to free arm for sewing cuffs andsleeves
LCD Display: N
Light: Y – Bulb – Super bright work area
Needle Threader: Y – Manual needle threading system
Snap-on Presser Feet: Y – Quick change with no need for screwdrivers.
Stitch Length & Width: Y – Preset Auto-set stitch length and width adjustment
Manual Y – Operation manual included
Limited Warranty: 25 Year Limited Warranty
Machine Dimensions: 15″ x 6″ x 11.75″
Machine Weight: 15 lbs


Notable Features and Highlights: (Back To Top)

Sewing Stitches

The Brother LS 2125i features 10 built-in sewing stitches, each with multiple stitch functions. This means that you have the ability to vary them slighty: sew straight, satin or zigzag stitches.

To select a stitch, simply turn the pattern selection dial in either direction to the the desired stitch type.

The Straight Stitches (6) have varying stitch lengths and are used for top stitching and sewing lightweight fabrics. It is recommended to sew using the Straight Stitch at the beginning and end of the Zigzag Stitches (2, 3 or 4).

The Satin Stitch (5) can be used for making decorative stitches.

The Straight Stitch left needle position (7) allows you to change the position of the needle. This is useful, for example, for setting in a zipper or for stitching close to an edge or seam.
The Stretch Blind Stitch (8) is used to finish the edge of projects made with stretch fabrics without the stitch showing.

The Shell Tuck Stitch (9) can be used to sew a picot (lace-like) edge on a lightweight fabric.

The Elastic Stitch (10) can be used in 3 ways: mending, sewing elastic or joining fabric.

There is also an automatic 4-step buttonholemaker. Buttonhole-making is a simple process; however, it is recommended that you practice on a scrap piece of fabric before attempting it on the actual garment. When making buttonholes on soft fabrics, place stabilizer material on the underside of the fabric.

Directly to the right of the stitch selection dial is the Buttonhole Fine Adjustment Screw. If the stitching on the two sides of the buttonhole do not appear uniform, adjustments can be made that allows both sides of the buttonhole to appear uniform.

Here is a list of all the stitch pattern names and their assigned numbers:


Additional Machine Features

There are a total of 4 easy to snap on and off presser feet.

You can easily convert to Free-Arm Style for sewing  hard-to-reach areas on clothing. To change your machine to the free-arm style, lift up on the extension table and pull it out. Included in the extension table is the accessory storage compartment.

To sew in reverse, press down the Reverse Sewing Lever as far as possible and hold it in that position while lightly stepping on the foot controller. To sew forward, release the reverse sewing lever. Reverse sewing is used for locking and reinforcing seams.

You also have the option of  twin-needle sewing; use the same color or two different colors of thread for decorative stitches. Be sure that the two upper threads used for threading the twin needle have the same weight otherwise the stitching may not be consistent.

Place the darning plate on the needle plate for darning as well as light monogramming and embroidery. With the darning plate on the machine, the feed dogs will not move the fabric. You control the fabric movement with your hands.

Reviewer Feedback: (Back To Top)


  • Very easy to use
  • Great for simple or infrequent sewing projects
  • Good machine for children and youth to learn on
  • Compact and lightweight, great for beginners
  • Good value for the price


  • Fairly light weight and easy to use but would not recommend for anything beyond basic straight stitching
  • The instructions are a bit difficult to decipher at first; there are several different languages printed next to each other, difficult to find the English in sequence.
  • The machine goes a little too fast when you first start it.
  • It is noisy
  • Thread tends to tangle and jam easily when sewing 
  • The machine has a hard time handling thicker fabrics 


Bottom Line

The Brother LS 2125i is an easy to use, lightweight sewing machine that is good for a beginner sewer or a child to learn on. With 10 built-in sewing stitches, an automatic buttonhole maker, free-arm convertible feature, it is perfect for simple sewing, mending or projects for your home.

Rating: 4 Star


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Manual and Warranty: (Back To Top)


Extras: (Back To Top)

Accessories in the Box

Power cord
Foot control
Needle pack
Twin needle
Extra spool pin
Darning plate
Operational manual

4 Included Presser Feet

Snap-on Presser Feet
*General Purpose Foot
*Buttonhole foot
*Zipper foot
*Button sewing Foot

Care and Maintenance Tips for This Machine

  • Be sure to read the manual carefully, especially on how to thread the machine as improper threading is a main reason for thread jamming and bunching.
  • It’s very important to clean and oil the machine regularly as directed in the manual.  (You can use an air canister to spray the fuzz that collects).

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