Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine

A Basic Computerized Sewing Machine

You will love Brother’s Project Runway PC-420 sewing machine. This machine consistently receives raving reviews from users. But don’t let the seeming complexity of the machine fool you, users claim that the PC-420 is so extremely easy-to-use that you will be set up and sewing in no time. And with 294 stitches to choose from as well as the ability to create your own stitch designs (and save them to the machine’s memory for later use) you will be creating your own designs and sewing like a Project Runway fashion designer in no time at all.


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Quick Stats for PC-420 PRW

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Price Check Price Here ====>
Stitching Functions: 294 Built-in stitches neatly categorized into eight stitch groups
Button Hole Type(s): 10 Built-in automatic buttonhole styles
My Custom Stitch Create your own customized decorative stitches and save them to the machine’s memory, perfect for that personalized touch
Bobbin Winding System F.A.S.T. Bobbin Winding System – makes bobbin winding fast and easy
Bobbin: Quick-Set™ Bobbin: Just drop top-loading bobbin and pull thread through slot; no need to pull up the bobbin thread, Quick-Set will do the rest – ready to sew immediately
Bobbin Type: SA-156 bobbin Top load Bobbins
Clear Bobbin Cover: Y – Immediately know when the bobbin thread is running low
Adjustable Pressure: Y – Adjust the amount of presser foot pressure to accommodate any fabric weight
Adjustable Tension: Y – Adjustable Upper Thread Tension System for perfect stitches on any fabric
Built-in Accessory Storage: Y – Neatly holds all included accessories in one convenient spot, also includes a built in storage tray to hold presser feet
Carry Handle: Y – Built-in handle for easy portability
Drop Feed: Y – Feed dog drop lever, ideal for free motion quilting and light embroidery
6 Point Feed Dog Y – Allows smoother flow of fabric over the feed dogs
Quilting Y –
Embroidery: Y –Free motion capability; 3 Built in alphabet monograms / 72 Decorative stitches
Free-Arm: Y – Easily maneuver difficult to sew areas such as armholes and cuffs.
LCD Display: Y – Built in LCD panel to view setting display
Light: Y – bright work area
Automatic Needle Threader: Y – For quick and easy automatic needle threading.
Snap-on Presser Feet: Y – Includes a total of 14 presser feet. Snap on/off for quick change
Knee Lifter Y – A detachable rod that allows you  to raise the presser foot with your knee while keeping both hands on your work. Great for quilters.
Stitch Width: Adjustable up to 7.0 mm (about 1/4 inch)
Stitch Length: Adjustable up to 5.0 mm (about 1/5 inch)
Thread Delivery: Horizontal – thread is placed on spool in a horizontal position; helps prevent tangling
Instruction Manual Y – Clear and easy to follow
Limited Warranty: 25 Year Limited Warranty
Hard Cover: Y- This is a hard cover that fits over the machine when not in use;  not a carrying case
Machine Dimensions: 17.32″ x 7.87″ x 11″
Machine Weight: 17 lbs
Shipping Weight: 26 lbs

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Limited Edition Project Runway Machine

If you have a real flair for design, or are an aspiring fashion designer looking for the perfect machine to work along side you or just want to take your sewing skills to the next level then the Project Runway PC-420 is the machine for you. Linked to the highly popular hit TV series Project Runway this machine has creativity, design and customization written all over it.  Complete with a wide array of built-in and customizable stitches, and with functionality design that is so simple, even beginning sewers will find that designing and sewing your own styles is a whole lot easier than you thought.


Control Panel

This machine is on my wish list… I love it! I am an aspiring designer – in my own way, that is. I love to sew, create and design; I keep imagining the  possibilities: 294 built-in stitch patterns, ‘My Custom Stitch’ design to create my own patterns, not to mentions the other myriad of features. And all that in this little, compact control panel is where all the creativity begins.

When you fire up the Project Runway PC-420 the LCD screen displays icons that represent all the 294 available stitches neatly grouped into 8 stitch categories or types: utility stitches, decorative stitches, satin stitches, cross-stitches, decorative satin stitches and 3 types of alphabet/character stitches. It also includes pattern storage icons to retrieve and store stitches you’ve created in the machine.

Above are the stitch types on the LCD display

Utility stitches
There are 67 utility stitches, including straight
stitches, overcasting stitches and ten styles of
one-step automatic buttonhole stitches.

Decorative stitches
There are 31 decorative stitches, including hearts,
leaves and flowers.

Satin stitches
There are 16 satin stitches.

There are 5 types of cross-stitches.

Decorative satin stitches
There are 10 decorative satin stitches.

Character stitch—Gothic font
There are 55 characters, including letters,
symbols and numbers, in the Gothic font.

Character stitch—Script font
There are 55 characters, including letters,
symbols and numbers, in the Script font.

Character stitch—Outline style
There are 55 characters, including letters,
symbols and numbers, in the outline style.

Stitch pattern storage In/Out
Stored patterns can be recalled at any time,
even after the machine has been turned off .
Up to five patterns can be stored.

Below is a sample of the stitch patterns:

To select a stitch push the arrow key until you reach the desired stitch type, press OK then choose the desired stitch and press OK. The screen displaysthe settings for the selected stitch: which presser foot to use, whether it’s a single or twin needle, the stitch that you’ve selected, and stitch length and width in mm. It does everything except sew your project for you! There’s even a help button should you need it! How easy is that!

And with the 12 buttons located on the bottom of the stitch panel you have direct access to the most popular  utility stitches for basic sewing.

Creating your own stitches is just as easy; the machine gives you the ability to combine patterns, stretch or shrink patterns, create a mirror image or  create a repeat pattern. The only limitation is your imagination.

There is even a sewing machine help key  that displays simple machine operation information if you should need it. Now you can be busy sewing and creating instead of stumbling around trying to figure your machine out.

Bobbin Winding System

The PC-420 features the F.A.S.T. Bobbin Winding System – wind the thread four or five times around the bobbin, pass it through the guide slot and press the start button. Simple.There’s even a picture thread guide showing exactly how to do it.

A second spool pin fits right on the winder. You won’t be using the bobbin winder while you’re sewing so you can use the second pin for twin needle sewing.  Both pins are horizontal and will be  feeding in the same direction. What does that mean for you? No tangling thread!

And all this is hidden under the beautiful dust cover that, when closed, keeps all these parts free of dust and out of the way which is  especially important when you’re transporting the machine. The thread tension dial to adjust the tension of the upper thread is also hidden under the closed dust cover.

Needle Threader and Drop-In Bobbin

The PC 420 PRW has a 1-touch automatic needle threader with pull down lever for quick and easy needle threading. Follow the  simple steps printed on the machine and with a quick press of the lever the machine is threaded. Fast.

Another handy feature is the  Quick-Set™  Drop-in Bobbin System. Just drop the bobbin into the shuttle, pass the thread through the slot  and out toward the front. That’s it! You can immediately start sewing without pulling up the bobbin thread. The  bobbin cover is clear so you can quickly detect when the thread is running low. These are just some of the nice little extras that help your sewing go a lot quicker and easier.

Operation Buttons

The operation buttons are a very popular and typical feature on many of the Brother sewing machines. They help to make various basic sewing machine operations easier, and at times, quicker to perform.

1. Start/Stop Button
This button allows you to sew without the foot pedal. Press the button to begin sewing. If you continue to hold the button down after the machine starts sewing the machine will sew at a slow speed. Press again to stop the machine. When sewing is stopped the needle is lowered in the fabric, that is, sewing is stopped with the needle in the down position.

When sewing is stopped the button light turns red and needle is in the up position;

When sewing is started the button light turns green and the needle is in the down position.

2. Reverse/Reinforcement Stitch Button
This button allows you to sew in reverse or to reinforce stitches at the end of a seam or in areas that require extra reinforcement such as corner seams. Press this button to sew in the opposite direction.

3. Needle Position Button
Pressing this button raises or lowers the needle. When the needle is left in the down position press this button to raise it out of the fabric. ( You can also turn the hand-wheel toward you to raise the needle).

4. Thread Cutter Button
Press the thread cutter button after stopping sewing to cut both the upper and the bobbin threads. The threads are cut and the needle is raised.  No more cleaning up loose threads or tails left on sewing projects; save you lots on thread.

The sewing machine can also be set to automatically cut the threads at the end of the stitching. This is called “programmed thread-cutting”.

You  can also cut thread using the manual thread cutter at the front of the machine. Simply pass the threads through the cutter to cut them.

5. Sewing speed controller
This button controls the sewing speed, very handy for beginning sewers or for sewing intricate details. Slide the sewing speed controller to adjust the sewing speed:  to the left for slow sewing speed, and to the right to increase sewing speed.

6. Presser foot lever
This lever raises and lowers the presser foot.

Reviewer Feedback (Back To Top)


This machine is sturdy and heavy enough to sew through layers and layers of denim. It also comes with a myriad of presser feet and a must have if you sew lots of corners…a knee lift. As if all these features weren’t enough, the machine also does monogramming and numbers. This machine is totally worth every penny…

Easy to learn, just a quick read of the manual. Love all the accessories (different feet, etc). Goes through several layers of fabric very well. It is quiet (but that is relative to my last machine) and seems to have even stitching…

… I’ve only begun to explore the possibilities with this model. The accessories that were include with the Project Runway model made things easy since I didn’t have to buy anything…

I am the very beginniest of beginners and L-O-V-E this machine! User friendly enough for someone like me, yet advanced enough to grow into…

This machine has tons of features for this price level…


EVERYTIME the machine turns on and off it resets all settings to default. This is annoying if you have set a stitch series and didn’t save it before you turned the machine off…

There is not a whole lot to dislike about this machine. The main issues are that the needle defaults to the left position when the machine is turned on…

The embroidered monogram stitch size is not very big (7 mm width)…

Bottom Line:

The Brother PC-420 Project Runway sewing machine takes your sewing skills to another level with the ability to design and customize your own stitches using the built-in LCD panel. With an extremely user-friendly interface, even beginners will find it a breeze to set up and start sewing. With a little practice you can be on your way to creating your own unique and original designs and projects. This machine receives raving reviews, you will certainly love it. It’s a fantastic sewing machine at a fantastic price.


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The video below will give you some great information on some of the features and stitch functions of the PC-420.

Manual and Warranty (Back To Top)

Click on image to download manual

Study the manual for the correct operation of the various functions of your machine. After you have finished reading the manual, store it where it can quickly be accessed for future reference.

Operation Manual


The warranty on this machine is 25 Years Mechanical, 5 Years Limited Electronic, 1 Year Service Labor and Parts on defects in material and workmanship

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The machine comes with a Flat Bed Attachment that can be removed for free-arm sewing.The attachment holds an accessory compartment tray where you can store presser feet, bobbins and a seam ripper. The accessories that come with the PC- 420 are:

seam ripper
4 bobbins
needle set
twin needle
cleaning brush
eyelet punch
spool caps
foot controller
grid sheet
knee lifter
operation manual
hard cover

13 Included Presser Feet

The presser foot applies pressure consistently on the fabric as the sewing takes place. Be sure to attach the appropriate presser foot for the selected stitching.

Buttonhole foot “A”
Overcasting foot “G”
Monogramming foot “N”
Zipper foot “I”
Zigzag foot “J” (on machine)
Blind stitch foot “R”
Button fitting foot “M”
Walking foot
Quilting foot – for darning and free motion quilting
Stitch guide foot “P” – with a marked ruler, used for accurate sewing
Adjustable zipper/piping foot
Non stick foot – for difficult fabrics such as leather and vinyl
Open toe foot – for visibility when creating decorative and satin stitches


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