Janome Memory Craft 6500 Professional Sewing Machine Review

Good As A Quilting Machine

This is definitely not your average sewing machine. Janome’s MC 6500P is power packed with features that sewers love and quilters will find extremely useful: a backlit LCD stitch selection touch-screen with 135 built-in stitches,”9 x 5″ extra-wide arm space for sewing large quilts, a knee lifter to raise the presser foot while keeping both hands on your work, advanced feed mechanism for sewing heavy fabrics, a hand-look quilt stitch for that special homemade look, a needle threader and speed control lever to name a few. This is a quiet, solid machine with the precision and quality that Janome is known for.  And at 1000 stitches per minute this is the fastest home sewing machine Janome has ever made…


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Quick Stats for Janome MC 6500P: (Back To Top)

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Sewing Stitches 135 Stitches across 4 modes: Direct, Quilt, Utility, and Monogramming;  ranges from utility to decorative, quilting and heirloom stitches
Adjustable Stitch Length Y – Adjustable stitch length from 0 to 5mm (about 1/5 of an inch)
Adjustable Stitch Width: Y – Adjustable stitch width from 0 to 7mm (about 1/3 of an inch)
Button Hole Type(s): 7 styles of buttonholes: 6 1-step buttonhole maker; 7th is an Automatic buttonhole maker for heavyweight or difficult fabrics
Bobbin: Class 15 bobbins
Bobbin Type: Top loading Drop-In Bobbin System, effortless and easy to pop in. Transparent cover allows you to see if your thread is running low
Bobbin Winding System: Independent motor for bobbin winding allows you to  wind your bobbins without unthreading machine or stopping sewing
Clear Bobbin Cover: Y – Easily determine if thread is running low
Adjustable Pressure Regulator: Y – Adjustable regulator with visible pressure gage: The presser foot applies pressure consistently on the fabric as you sew. Heavy fabrics may need more pressure, lighter fabrics may need less. The pressure gage shows your ideal pressure setting.
Upper Thread Tension: Dial – Tension regulating dial
Built-in Accessory Storage: N – Comes with an Accessory Box with a Foot Storage Compartment (marked with letters corresponding to the presser feet.).
Carry Handle: N
Drop Feed: Y –Easy access feed dog control for quilting or other free-motion sewing. Lever to drop the feed dogs is on the front of the machine so you can quickly and easily drop them
Embroidery: Y – Free motion as well as monogramming with two styles of lettering in two sizes
Quilting Y – includes many features designed especially for the quilter, including specialty stitches, an advanced feed mechanism and a knee lifter, a favorite of quilters
Knee Lifter: Y – lifts the presser foot while keeping the needle in place so you can keep your hands on your work.. Another favorite feature of quilters.
Free-Arm: N – Oversized arm and bed: 9” x 5”(225mm x 120mm);The largest space of any household sewing machine.
LCD Display: Y – Backlit LCD screen for computerized stitch selection.
Light: Y – Sewing Lamp in Face Plate
Needle Threader: Y – Automatic needle threading system, threads the needle without frustration or eye strain BUILT-IN NEEDLE THREADER
Automatic Thread Cutter Y – Automatic Thread Cutter – A first for Janome; can be programmed into the end of your stitch combinations. Trim threads with a touch of a button – a great time saver
Snap-on Presser Feet: Y – Easy snap on snap off presser foot
Thread Delivery: Vertical thread delivery system with dual thread guide; accommodates a variety of spool types and sizes.
Instruction Manual Y –
Manufacturer’s Warranty: 25 Years Parts, 5 Years on Electrical  Parts, 1 Year labor
Soft Dust Cover Y
Dimensions W 19.5 x H 11.8 x D 8.6 inches
Weight 23.4 lb
Shipping Weight 36.2 pounds


Notable Features and Highlights: (Back To Top)

LCD Screen
The Memory Craft 6500P’s backlit LCD screen provides easy on-screen touch stitch selection with 135 built-in stitches divided into 4 “modes” ranging from utility to decorative, quilting and heirloom stitches. Choose your mode then choose your stitch. The screen displays all the information you need about the selected stitch including tension setting suggestion, recommended length and width, presser foot and needle position. If you don’t see the exact stitch you want you can create your own: change stitch length or width, flip it, elongate or combine with other stitches and save into the Recall Memory Bank for later retrieval.

There is also a help function available. Simply press the help key (?) for additional information or options.

Stitch Selection:
Utility * Heirloom * Decorative * Quilting Stitching

The MC6500P features 135 total built-in stitches divided into 4 modes (or categories):

Choose your mode then choose your stitch. This is a powerhouse of creativity; it even includes the French knot! All 135 stitches are easy to find on a clever flip chart that folds up from the back of the machine.

There are 7 Buttonhole styles to choose from, six are one-step and the seventh is an automatic buttonhole for heavy or difficult fabrics.

The Monogramming function allows you to choose from two styles of lettering in two sizes, select block or script. With the LCD screen you can create your own stitches using individual and combination stitch editing for a total of 391 Total Stitches Functions. And with a straight stitch speed of up to 1000 stitches per minute, the MC6500P is the fastest home sewing machine ever made by Janome!

Easy Needle Threader

Another great time-saving feature to get you sewing faster is the easy needle threader.

You don’t have to worry any longer about eyestrain or frustration. Just push down the lever, loop the thread through, release, and you’re ready to sew.

The needle threader makes threading the needle quick and easy!

Speed Control Lever

 You can limit the maximum sewing speed by the speed control lever according to your sewing needs. To increase your sewing speed, slide the lever to the right. To decrease your sewing speed, slide the lever to the left.

Foot control

 Pressing on the foot control can also vary the sewing speed. The harder you press the foot control, the faster the machine sews.

The machine will sew at the maximum speed set by the speed control lever when the foot control is being fully pressed.

Functions Buttons

Mode Button provides easy access to stitch selection.
Memory- in/Memory Recall Button allows you to combine some stitches and put them into memory so you can retrieve them at any time.
Elongation Button gives you the ability to lengthen certain stitches.
Bobbin Button has an independent bobbin winding motor; you can actually wind a bobbin while you’re sewing
Adjust stitch width/length button allows you to change the stitch width/length.
Edit Button gives you the ability to edit program patterns: stitch width, length and elongation
Help Button (?) allows you to view alternative applications of certain stitches

Extension Table

 At 9” x 5” (225mm x 120mm), the Memory Craft 6500P has the largest arm and bed space of any household sewing machine. And, it comes standard with a generous extension table for even more room.

The table easily supports the fabric as your quilt starts to grow heavier; and it will not tip.

It also has numbered scaling, which is your ruler, in both centimeters (cm) and inches and it is easily removed or put back in place.

Angle Scales

 Another important feature is the Angle Scales on the throat plate. This is very important feature for tumbling block quilting.


The machine has 45, 60, 90 and 120 degree angles. If you introduce the fabric at a 45 degree angle the needle will penetrate the fabric at exactly 1/4 inch from the raw edge.

This is very useful and helpful for Tumbling Block Quilting.

 Retractable (Dual) Thread Guide

 This feature allows you to accommodate a variety of spool types and sizes. Retractable means that you can raise and lower the thread guides.

Keep it high for convenience; there are two large spindles on the back of the machine where you can place those large cones of thread – you don’t have to keep putting another spool of thread in every time you want to start sewing a project

There is also a little hole on top for an auxiliary spool pin.

Video (Back To Top)

The videos below will give you some great information on some of the features and stitch functions of the Janome MC 6500P.

Janome MC 6500P Sewing Machine – P1

Janome MC 6500P Sewing Machine – P2


Reviewer Feedback (Back To Top)


I bought this machine for my wife’s birthday. She is a quilter and was thrilled with the quality of this product. She has had several higher end sewing machines over the years but tells me this is by far the best she has ever owned! She says the features are outstanding and the ease of use amazes her each time she works on her quilts…

I purchased this machine to do free-motion quilting. The extra room in the throat space is a must. I found that I had greater control with free-motion than any of my other sewing machine. My stitches looked great. The many stitch functions available make it a great machine for garment sewing as well…

I love my new sewing machine, my sister loves my new sewing machine, my friend loves my new sewing machine. I was worried about purchasing on line, no problem, would do it again…

Wish all things were built like this machine. I love it I can finally sew through anything…


The only complaint I would have is the absence of a hard carrying case, although it does come with a soft cover…

The manual could be a little better at explaining how to operate the machine…

This machine does not have a Free Arm


The Master Craft 6500P is a Janome workhorse that is specifically designed for fast and accurate sewing. In fact, this model is the fastest home machine offered by Janome with a sewing speed of 1,000 stitches per minute. Quilters, especially, will find this capability as well as its many quilting features extremely beneficial.



Manual and Warranty (Back To Top)

Click on images to download manuals

Study the manuals for the correct operation of the various functions of your machine. These are great resources full of handy information. After you have finished reading the manuals, store it where it can be quickly accessed for future reference.

Operation Manual


MC 6500P Extras (Back To Top)

Accessories in the Box

The Janome 6500P comes with a good amount of  ‘in the box’ accessories:

Set of Needles
Lint Brush
Seam Ripper
Spool Holder (Large)
Spool Holder (Small)
Quilting Bar
Quilting Bar for Even Feed Foot
Cloth Guide with Screw
Instruction Book
Power Supply Cord
Foot Control
Accessory Box
Foot Storage Compartment (marked with letters corresponding to the presser feet.)
Knee Lifter

14 Included Presser Feet

Zigzag Foot A (comes attached to the machine)
Over-edge Foot C
Rolled Hem Foot D
Zipper Foot E
Satin Stitch Foot F
Blind Hem Foot G
Cording Foot H
Over-casting Foot M
Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
Basting/Darning Foot P-2
1/4” Seam Foot O
Even Feed Foot
Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot F-2
Quilting Guide

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