KENMORE 385-19233 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Once again Kenmore delivers a solid brand and the Kenmore 385-19233 computerized Sewing Machine does not disappoint. Built by Janome for Sears the Kenmore 385 models have a solid reputation for quality and precision sewing, and that translates into professional looking results.

The 19233 has 167 built-in stitches including 67 monograms, 215 stitch functions and all the features you need for making clothes, quilting, heirloom stitching and home sewing. It also offers the convenience of computerized sewing and a myriad of advanced features. Combine all this with an easy-to-use interface and it’s simple enough for any beginner to grow with.

It’s a very popular sewing machine that’s extremely well-liked by users and boasts a loyal Kenmore-fan following. It’s a 5-star rating!


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Quick Stats for Kenmore 19233 (Back To Top)

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Sewing Stitches  167 Built-in Stitches including 67 monograms with 215 stitch functions;stitches located on flip top stitch chart
Adjustable Stitch Length:  Width is adjustable up to 5.0mm
Adjustable Stitch Width: Width is adjustable up to 7.0mm
Maximum Sewing Speed  Over 820 Stitches Per Minute (spm)
Button Hole Type(s):  5 styles of 1- step automatic buttonholes
Bobbin Type:  Top loading, drop-in
Bobbin Winding System:  Horizontal
Clear Bobbin Cover: Yes – immediately detect when the bobbin thread is running low – threading diagram shown on hook cover plate
Automatic Presser foot Pressure: Yes -Presser foot pressure is automatic and not adjustable
Upper Thread Tension: Adjustable thread tension allows you to set the tension for the various stitches
Built-in Accessory Storage: Yes – On Board Storage of accessories are always handy.
Carry Handle: Yes – Built-in handle for easy portability
7-Piece Drop Feed Dog System: An advanced feed mechanism helps feed fabric smoothly as you sew
Embroidery: Yes – some embroidery with decorative stitching and a monogramming alphabet, also free motion embroidery using the darning foot
Quilting Yes – includes several accessories for quilting
Free-Arm: Yes – Remove the extension table to convert to free-arm sewing for cuffs, pant legs, and other hard-to-reach places.
LCD Display: Yes – LCD with key stitch selection pad
Light: Yes –
Needle Threader: Yes – Automatic Needle Threader for effortlessly threading the sewing machine needle
Thread Cutter Yes – Manual thread cutter: Pass the threads through the thread cutter to cut them
Snap-on Presser Feet: Yes – 9 snap-on presser feet easily change from one foot to another with no need for screwdrivers
Thread Delivery: Horizontal thread delivery for easy, tangle-free setup
Operation Manual Yes – Easy to understand Manual with well-written instructions (in 3 languages English, French and Spanish).
Limited Warranty: 25 Year Limited Warranty
Hard Cover Yes – A hard cover is included
Dimensions 16.4″ x  11.6″  x 7.4″
Weight 18.7 lbs


Notable Features and Highlights (Back To Top)

The Kenmore 385 models are sturdy, well-made, powerful sewing machines with lots of options and a devoted Kenmore following to boot. If you’re serious about your sewing and don’t want to skimp on quality, you might want to take a look. Here’s what people are saying about Kenmore’s 19233 Computerized sewing machine:

  • Get professional quality results and you won’t believe how easy it is to use.
  • The only way it could be better is to do all the sewing itself!
  • I truly believe that I will never buy any other sewing machine.
  • My friends have very expensive, top of the line machines and they were shocked at the performance and quality of the Kenmore.
  • I Love my “Kenny”!
  • I am a “Devoted Kenmore Sewing Machine Fan”


There are 167 built-in stitch patterns including 67 monogramming stitches and 215 stitch functions. Ten of the basic utility stitches are displayed on the keypad for easy, direct access. Additional stitch patterns are conveniently displayed on a Flip-up Quick Reference Chart on the front of the machine. There are:

*47 stitches for Quilting including blanket stitches
*20 stitches for Heirloom sewing
*68 stitches for home deco
*32 stitches for clothing construction including 5 styles of 1-step  buttonholes.

Many of the above stitches overlap which giving you lots of options for sewing preferences.

There are also 67 monogramming patterns, including numbers, an upper and lower case alphabet and space key.

215 stitch functions mean built-in stitches can be adjusted to suit your sewing needs. Simply adjust and experiment with different stitch widths and lengths to change the appearance of your selected stitch.
This machine also has a Design Your Own Stitch feature. You can create your own unique embroidery patterns with satin stitches of varying lengths and widths. The computerized memory allows you to create combinations of up to 50 stitches for even more variety.

The Kenmore 19233 sews stitch patterns beautifully and certainly gives you plenty to choose from.


The 19233 also features a backlit LCD screen and touch keypad for accessing the stitch patterns. Stitch patterns are classified into 3 groups or Modes for easy access:

*Direct Mode 1 for basic stitches and one of the buttonhole styles (shown on the keypad). 
*Mode 2 for utility stitches, other buttonholes, decorative, heirloom and quilting stitches.
*Mode 3 for block monogramming letters. 

To access one of the 10 stitch patterns in Direct Mode 1, make sure that Mode 1 has been selected. The arrow () on the right of the LCD will indicate what mode you are in. From there simply select the desired stitch from the keypad located below the LCD screen. To access patterns in Mode 2 or 3 press the Mode key to scroll through the modes then select the desired stitch pattern from the choices by entering its two digit pattern number from chart on the keypad – easy peasy. The LCD screen will display the stitch pattern number and its picture, recommended presser foot and preset length and width setting. You can adjust stitch width and length to suit your sewing needs if you like.


The Operation Buttons on the sewing machine help you to perform certain sewing function quickly and easily. A beginner especially will find that becoming familiar with the machine does not have to be an intimidating encounter. Some of these functions include:

(1) Needle  Up/Down Button – Press the needle up/down button to stop needle in the down position. This feature is useful for quilting or turning corners while stitching; it holds the needle in place while you lift the presser foot to adjust the material being sewn. The needle will always stop in the down position until the button is pressed again.

The (2) Auto-Lock Button and (3) Reverse Stitch Button both can be used to secure the beginning and/or ending of a seam.

Use the Reverse Button to secure the beginning or ending of a seam – at the beginning of a seam sew a few stitches, press and hold the reverse button and back stitch over the previous stitches. Release the button and continue sewing to the end of the seam. When you reach the end, press and hold the reverse button. After backstitching over the stitches release the reverse button to secure the seam end.

Another way to secure a stitch in place is to us the Auto-lock Button. Once the last pattern begins to sew press the Auto-lock Button. The machine will finish sewing the pattern then make a locking stitch. The machine will then stop automatically.

The (4) Screen sharpness adjusting dial allows you to adjust the brightness of the LCD screen so that you can see it clearly. 

Use the Curser keys (5) to select and scroll through your options.  Stitch patterns are classified into 3 groups or Modes for easy access. Use the Mode key (6) to choose between them. Change the length and width settings with the (7) stitch width and (8) stitch length keys.


The 19233 also includes:

*A jam-proof magnetic horizontal (drop-in) bobbin system;

*7-piece feed dog system to easily and smoothly feed any thickness of fabric;

*Drop feed dog capability for darning, free-motion work and sewing on buttons;

*Fifteen (15) needle positions and an extra-wide stitch width (7mm) for a wide variety of stitch options.

*Measurement guides on both sides of the needle which is very helpful for accuracy in sewing seams.

*Speed control is always a handy feature and a favorite of beginners and advanced seamtresses alike who love the option of being able to control the speed as they sew. The machine features a bunny/tortoise sewing speed slider – slide to the left towards the tortoise to decrease sewing speed; slide to the right towards the bunny to increase sewing speed – cute, straightforward and oh so easy!

All these features help to enhance the simplicity as well as the versatility of this machine.

Tip: Yearly routine maintenance and oiling is recommended.


Reviewer Feedback     (Back To Top)


I have had it one year now, and I have sewn loose muslin, fleece, corduroy, very very light knit fabric, and very slithery knit fabric. All goes well no matter what the fabric…(Read more)

This is the best machine I have owned; and I have owned White, Singer models (many, many including treadle), and Brother … This machine will impress you……(Read more)

I tried many and came back to Sears. This machine is as good or better than the more expensive ones I tried. Very easy to use and quiet. Have owned a Kenmore for 50 years, sew every day and love this model and you will too. …(Read more)

I started sewing earlier this year and this is the first machine I’ve owned, selected with the help of my sewing instructor. I’ve owned this model for about 3 months now and love it! One thing I really appreciate is how easy it is…..(Read more)


The only set back so far is that the monogramming is small.



It’s clear that Kenmore’s 385-19233 computerized sewing machine is very popular among users, the customer reviews speak for themselves. Strong, sturdy and Janome made, 385’s are powerful machines yet their ease of use will surprise you. The 19233 sews smoothly and easily on all kinds of fabric weights. There are also lots of stitches to choose from, 167 in all, enough to keep you busy creating for a while. Stitches are easily accessible via the flip-open stitch chart. And with features like adjustable speed control, jam proof bobbin, advanced feed system and more, all wrapped up in an easy to use interface, beginners will find it a great machine to grow with. It’s no wonder why people really love their Kenmore’s!


Video (Back To Top)

Here is a short sample of the Kenmore 19233 in action:


Manual and Warranty (Back To Top)



Study the manual for the correct operation of the various functions of your machine. After you have finished reading the manual, store it where it can quickly be accessed for future reference.


25 Year Warranty on Sewing Machine Die-Cast Metal Frame; 10 Year Warranty on Internal Mechanical Components; 2 Year Warranty on Sewing Machine Exterior Components; 2 Year Warranty on Electrical Equipment; 90 Day Warranty on Mechanical Adjustments and Specified Parts.

Extras for Kenmore 19233  (Back To Top)

Accessories in the Box

The sewing machine comes with a number of accessories. You will find them included in the on-board free-arm storage compartment.

Assorted needle set
Twin needle
Additional spool pin
Quilter (Quilting Guide)
Light bulb
Seam ripper/Buttonhole opener
Large screwdriver
Lint brush
Large spool holder
Small spool holder
Foot control
Instructional video
Hard Cover
Operation Manual

9 Included Snap On/Off Presser Feet

The Foot that comes on your Sewing machine is called the General Purpose Foot and will be used for the majority of your sewing. The Satin Foot is another very useful foot and should be used for most decorative sewing.

*H: Straight stitch foot
*A: Zigzag foot
*F: Satin stitch foot
*E: Zipper foot
*R: Automatic buttonhole foot
*M: Overcast foot
*C: Overedge foot
*G: Blind hem foot
*P: Darning foot

The following additional presser feet are not included with the machine but may be ordered separately. When ordering please provide the part number and part name as well as the model number of the machine.

Part Number & Name:
*200079109 Circular sewing attachment
214872011 Walking foot
*200030108 1/4″Seam foot


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