Top 10 Tips for Sewing with Leather

Have you ever wanted to sew on leather, but are just too afraid of the expense and trouble to give it a try? I have to admit, I shied away from it for years because leather is expensive and I just knew I would ruin it, never finish my project and wind up wasting money. Then came my handbag phase and I had to give leather a try. I confess I learned a lot the hard way, but I kept my leather work small at first, so my lessons weren’t at great expense. I still only use leather for trims Read More

Sewing Apps Teach Skills, Help Organize and Save Time

The right sewing app for your iPad or smartphone can make life so much easier for the home sewist. Imagine sitting comfortably at your sewing machine with all the fabric, findings and tools you need to complete a project. Now, imagine it is your first time trying a certain technique or making a particular item and you’re easily following the step-by-step tutorial you found on an iPad sewing app. It’s hard to believe so much is available now, especially if you grew up sewing without access to all of the wonderful resources that are now right at our fingertips. Beginners Read More

What You Should Know About Embroidery Machine Software

Embroidery machine software extends the capabilities of computerized embroidery machines. The right software allows for more flexibility when digitizing, enlarging, rotating or editing your design in other ways. We’ve talked about embroidery machines that will allow you to customize stitches by combining, elongating or shortening them. Embroidery machine software opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Before buying any software, make sure it is compatible with your computer. You also need to make sure your work can be transferred to your embroidery machine. Some design companies will not allow their designs to be edited or customized in any way. Read More

Book Review: The Fabric Reference Series by Julie Parker

Think back to the days when you first started sewing. Do you remember the first time you combined fabrics that behaved differently once washed – how they puckered and pulled and made a mess of your garment? Did you ever make a garment out of the wrong type of fabric? I have made more mistakes than I care to count and with the rising cost of fabric, the last thing I want to do is buy the wrong material. Worse yet, would be spending all that time making something out of the wrong fabric. Of all the things my mother Read More

10 Time Saving Sewing Tips

I love sewing and like most of you, I don’t have the time I really want to spend at my machine. Life gets busy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make beautiful clothes, gifts and household items in what little spare time we have, though it does make it a bit more of a challenge. Here are some tips I’ve learned through the years that might help shave off some of the time it takes for you to complete a project.. A few were passed down from my paternal grandmother who was a professional seamstress and a few came from Read More

Basic Sewing Machine Settings

While reading sewing machine reviews I noticed many first-time buyers or new sewists get frustrated when a machine doesn’t do exactly what they want it to do out of the box. That is probably because as simple as a sewing machine looks, there are important and sensitive settings that need to be right for a machine to sew properly on different fabrics and materials. Understanding these basic settings is important before you’ve built that nest of thread under your fabric! We will start with basic settings and will visit some of these in more detailed posts and link them here Read More

The Most Important Qualities of a Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The last time I bought a sewing machine I’d hoped it would be all I would need. I was sewing clothes and toys for my daughters and didn’t think I would ever need a heavy duty sewing machine. Fast forward a few years and my daughters wanted stuffed animals, sleeping bags, pocketbooks and other fun items that caused a lot of broken needles and more than a few cross words shouted at my machine. Long time readers here probably know my story about getting my first Singer that was as old as I was at the time. It was already Read More

Product Review: Singer 7469Q Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Singer 7469Q is one of the most feature-rich, affordable quilting sewing machines on the market today. The heavy duty frame and advanced feed system provide skip-free, even stitching for professional results. This machine has all of the features you need to piece, sew and quilt everything from a baby bib to a king size quilt. This quilting / sewing machine is easy enough for a beginner to use and sophisticated enough for an experienced quilter. This is a lot of sewing machine for the price. Rating: In This Review: (Click Ahead!) • Quick Stats for Singer 7469Q • Notable Read More

Product Review: Janome 8077 Sewing Machine

The Janome 8077 is another work horse from one of the best names in sewing. A friend allowed me to try out her machine when my oldest daughter and I were both working on a project. My sewing machine is not built for sewing on multiple layers of heavy fabric. I took advantage of the loaner and hemmed jeans, mended a backpack and stitched some heavy plastic sheeting into row covers for my garden. I love my Brother sewing machine, but I did not want to give the Janome back. Not only will this machine power through multiple layers of Read More

Book Review: Marie Osmond’s Heartfelt Giving, Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends

Marie Osmond is more than a performer, she’s a daughter, mom, sister and a crafter. Her book, Marie Osmond’s Heartfelt Giving, Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends, is a beautiful book with easy to follow instructions. The projects are lovely, but the tribute to her mother is the loveliest part of the book. Those of us who are a little bit older, know Marie from her younger days when she was the kid sister of (most of) the Osmond Brothers and was working hard to make a name for herself. I’ll admit it, I had a crush on Donny Read More

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