JUKI HZL-27Z Sewing Machine Review

For a basic sewing machine the Juki HZL-27Z is one tough little workhorse. Small and lightweight yet very sturdy and solid, you will be amazed at how well it holds up to even your toughest sewing projects. That’s because the HZL-27Z’s strong design brings to the table what Juki is best known for: being a leader in the business of industrial sewing machines.

The HZL-27Z is perfect for construction, mending and crafts. This machine isn’t for someone who needs lots of fancy stitches; just someone who needs a simple yet strong sewing machine that will last through many sewing projects.


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Quick Stats for JUKI HZL-27Z:(Back To Top)

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Stitching Functions: 22 built-in stitches with easy-to-use, oversized stitch selection dial
Button Hole Type(s): 4-Step 1-Style buttonhole maker allows you to create balanced buttonholes with 4 easy steps.
Bobbin Winding System: Vertical Bobbin Winding
Bobbin Type: Drop-in bobbin, very easy, no fuss feature
Clear Bobbin Cover: Yes – You can easily determine when the thread is running low
Adjustable Pressure: Yes – Adjustable presser  foot pressure
Automatic Tension System: Yes – Use the Automatic Thread Tension or increase and decrease the tension to create different stitch effects
Thread Cutter: Yes – Manual thread cutter located on the head
Automatic Needle Threader Yes -Automatically thread the machine with one quick motion
Built-in Accessory Storage: Yes – Slide off accessory box for free arm sewing, standard accessory parts store easily in the box
Carry Handle: Yes
Drop Feed: Yes
Quilting: Yes – Purchase optional accessories – see below
Embroidery: Yes – Minor decorative stitches and free motion
Free-Arm: Yes – Converts from flatbed to free arm; easily sew on hems or cuffs as well as larger items.
LCD Display: No
Light: Yes – White LED Light brightens the needle entry area., doesn’t get hot
Needle Threader: Yes – Automatic Needle Threading System: lower the lever and turn it back and forth, one quick single action
Snap-on Presser Feet: Yes– Quick-change presser feet attachment
Stitch Length: Adjustable up to 4mm ( about 1/5 of an inch)
Stitch Width: Adjustable up to 6.5mm (about 1/4 of an inch)
Manual Instruction manual
Limited Warranty: 5 Year Mechanical – see below
Cover: Yes- Soft Dust Cover
Dimensions: 15.3″ x 11″ x 7.8″
Weight: 13 lbs
Shipping Weight: 24 lbs


Notable Highlights/Features: (Back To Top)


As a basic sewing machine Juki’s HZL-27Z is a great machine to learn on or teach a child on and a great machine to grow with. Not to mention, the black and cranberry trim against the white frame certainly is an eye catcher.

As for stitching features, the large, oversized Stitch Selection Dial on the front makes selecting stitch patterns extremely easy: simply turn the dial to choose among the 22 pattern choices.

Zigzag width can be adjusted by turning the Stitch Selection Dial. Maximum stitch width is 4mm (or about 1/5 in.) and maximum stitch length is 6.5 mm (or about 1/4 in.) For straight stitches, either the left or center needle position can be selected. You can also sew buttonholes neatly in 4 easy steps.

The 22 stitch patterns are for  basic sewing  projects, such as clothing construction, mending, and home sewing. For a basic machine the Juki HZL-27Z holds up very well with heavier fabrics or sewing projects. It’s a solid machine and you’ll find that the HZL-27Z can handle just about any sewing task.


Automatic Needle Threader

Besides being cute, the HZL-27Z comes with lots of features like the Automatic Needle Threader. Threading the needle can be done in one quick, easy action. It makes sewing a little easier on the eyes. This is a handy feature and many basic sewing machines do not come equipped with an automatic needle threader.

7-Point Feed Dogs

Another feature you don’t see often in basic machines is an advanced feed mechanism. Why is this important? With two extra feed dogs located in the front of needle entry hole any material from lightweight to heavy will feed through evenly and consistently as you sew. This essentially gives you 7 points of contact  with the fabric and makes lining up patterns in fabric or in quilting projects a lot easier.

Easy Start Sewing

Is there a section in your sewing that is especially thick and more difficult to sew through than the surrounding area? Push the black button at the back of the presser foot to make the foot parallel to the throat plate. This makes it easy to start sewing in areas where there are different levels of layers in the fabric.

Presser Foot Lift

It seems that this little machine was truly meant to sew through many different fabric weights; the presser foot has a 2-step lift allowing you to raise it as high as 9.5mm so that the sewing space can easily accommodate thicker fabrics.

Wider Sewing Space

The HZL-27Z also has an extended throat distance and a longer sewing bed giving you even more room for those large or bulky sewing projects.

These features are just a few of the reasons why Juki sewing machines stand out as exceptions in quality. Some of these basic machines have features that you would usually associate with more advanced sewing machine models.


Reviewer Feedback: (Back To Top)


The machine is well made and runs flawlessly. It is much simpler to use than other machines. It’s setup is a little different than other cheaper machines but is easy to use once you have used the process a few times. It’s a very efficient sewing system…(Read more)

The first thing I noticed and liked about the Juki HZL-27Z sewing machine is that it is very solid. There is not a flimsy piece on this sewing machine. It’s a sturdy, solid workhorse of a sewing machine. With the very helpful booklet that it comes with, you can…(Read more)


…setup and use is a bit different from other machines commonly used…


Bottom Line:

Juki is known for being a leader in the business of industrial sewing machines, just check their website and you will find a long history of quality and technological innovation. Well the home sewing machine line is no exception. The Juki HZL-27Z is a newer model in a series of mechanical sewing machines. A basic machine with cute eye catching colors and many advanced features, the HZL-27Z is a fantastic addition to Juki’s line of basic home sewing machines. It’s also well-liked by users.


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Manuals and Warranty (Back To Top)

Click text or picture to download the manual. Study it for the correct operation of the various functions of your machine. After you have finished, store it where it can be quickly accessed for future reference.




US Warranty: 5 Years Mechanical, 2 Years Electrical, 90 Days Adjustments on defects in material or workmanship.

Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

Juki HZL-27Z Extras (Back To Top)

Accessories in the Box

Slide off accessory box for free arm sewing, standard accessory parts store easily in the box.

Auxiliary Spool Pin
Seam Ripper/Brush
Small Spool Cap
Spool Pin
Large Screw Driver
Small Screw Driver
Bobbins (3)
Foot Control
Soft Dust Cover
Instruction Manual

2 Presser Feet Included

Snap-on Presser Feet

* 1 Standard foot
* 1 Buttonhole foot

Optional Accessories

Wide Extension Table
Walking Foot
Hard Shell cover

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