Book Review: Marie Osmond’s Heartfelt Giving, Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends

Marie Osmond is more than a performer, she’s a daughter, mom, sister and a crafter. Her book, Marie Osmond’s Heartfelt Giving, Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends, is a beautiful book with easy to follow instructions. The projects are lovely, but the tribute to her mother is the loveliest part of the book.

Those of us who are a little bit older, know Marie from her younger days when she was the kid sister of (most of) the Osmond Brothers and was working hard to make a name for herself. I’ll admit it, I had a crush on Donny Osmond, so I followed Marie more closely than your average preteen. What amazes me most is how she made it through her rise to fame and fortune, yet still has time to be the average sewing mom.

Of course, not all of us can write a book about our sewing adventures and that’s where Marie isn’t quite average. Her book, Heartfelt Giving, Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends includes more than 20 projects for friends, family and pets. The instructions are very easy to follow making the book appropriate for all levels of experience. The patterns are timeless and will be easily adapted to future design and color trends.


Projects included:

  • My First Doll Quilt
  • My Favorite Things Baby Quilt
  • Thoroughly Modern Diaper Bag
  • Appliqued Bib and Burp Cloths
  • Oh-Sew-Easy Baby Blanket
  • Baby Snuggy – Too cute. I wish I’d seen this pattern 18 years ago!
  • Easy-Peasy Little girl’s Dress – This dress is absolutely precious!
  • Paper Roses Quilt – Do you remember her hit song, Paper Roses? I do…it was a heart-breaker!
  • Paper Roses Shams, Pillows, and Bed Skirt
  • “Record This!” Quilt
  • Changing Station
  • T-Shirt Memories Quilt – I’m actually in the process of making a similar quilt for each of my daughters.
  • Travel Coordinates: Hanging Accessories Bag and jewelry Satchel
  • Vintage Inspired Sewing Tote
  • Elegant Book Cover
  • Family Tree Pillow
  • Aprons, Aprons, Aprons – These are beautiful! I’m especially fond of the mommy/daughter sets
  • All Buttoned Up Table Topper and Place Mats
  • Bathroom Spa Ensemble
  • Pampered Pooch: Doggy Coat, Leash and Feeding Mat

While the designs are lovely, my favorite part of the book is the tribute she pays to her mother and the influence she had over Marie’s love of sewing and crafting. As the mother of two teenagers, I know how difficult it is to pass on these skills. There never seems to be enough time to really sit down and teach my daughters how to sew, so this part of Marie’s story resonated with me.

The book gets very strong reviews from others as well. As found on Amazon:

Craft Book for Crafty and Non-crafty People!

I bought two of Marie’s craft books – one for myself and one to give as a Christmas gift. I especially enjoy reading Marie’s personal thoughts and the stories she shares about what crafting means to her. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the instructions are written in such a way that even people who aren’t “crafty” by nature can still complete the projects! It’s especially convenient that the patterns are kept inside an envelope in the back of the book…great idea! This book is filled with terrific projects for EVERYONE…babies, children, friends and family, and even yourself.

Good Reading and Good Sewing

Really am enjoying this book. Good photography and well written. Enjoyed the stories that Marie tells about her sewing. The directions for the projects are clearly written and the information about the history of each project is interesting. I have several projects planned…the doll quilt for my granddaughter and the shower curtain for me. The spiral binding makes using the book easy and love that patterns are included in a special envelope in the back. Perfect to share with your daughter or granddaughter when you teach her to sew.

Anyone who has purchased patterns lately, knows the number of patterns in this book makes it well worth the price, but this isn’t a book you buy for patterns alone. Marie Osmond has shared her personal story and celebrates her love of traditional home crafts – something most anyone reading here can relate to.

What sewing and crafting books are you reading? What’s on your book shelf wish list?

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